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Consider These Hidden Villa Renovation Cost When Upgrading Your Living Space?

Villa Renovation Cost

When contemplating the transition from an apartment to a villa, individuals often primarily focus on the rise in their monthly rent or mortgage expenses. The prospect of relocating within Dubai can indeed be daunting. However, it’s important to recognize that there are various supplementary costs associated with villa living that demand consideration. These encompass general maintenance and upkeep villa renovation cost.

Transitioning from an Apartment to a Villa in Dubai

If you’re relocating to a villa, be prepared for more than just moving expenses. The maintenance and utility charges can add up beyond your initial estimates. Here are additional expenses to consider budgeting for:

Monthly Rental Payment

As villas generally tend to be pricier than apartments within the same locality, you can expect a noticeable uptick in your monthly rental expenses. To illustrate, let’s conduct a brief comparison of average rental rates based on the RERA Index. This data reveals that, in the same area, renting a villa renovation cost more than 100% higher than renting an apartment.

Area3BR Apartment3BR Villa
The Views/ The Lakes175,000 to 210,000200,000 to 260,000
Jumeirah Village100,000 to 125,000130,000 to 150,000
The Gardens75,000 to 90,000155,000 to 180,000
Palm Jumeirah225,000 to 280,000320,000 to 400,000

Sorce: Land Department Govt of Dubai


Another notable expense to factor in is your utility bills, which tend to be higher when living in a villa due to the larger space, more rooms, and garden maintenance. Nevertheless, you can manage these costs by adopting energy-saving practices.

Simple measures like turning off extra lights, using the AC sparingly, and taking shorter showers can lead to significant monthly savings. Another cost that is frequently underestimated is the monthly water consumption for irrigating a villa’s garden.

Home Maintenance:

The annual maintenance contracts for villas can begin at approximately AED 4,000. While this might seem like an added expense, it’s a worthwhile investment. Many annual maintenance contracts also encompass extra services such as AC cleaning or locksmith assistance, which can lead to long-term cost savings.

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Nonetheless, when compared to hiring a handyman on an hourly basis, an annual contract remains a cost-effective choice.


Many people opt for villas when moving in Dubai because they offer spacious gardens, perfect for customization through landscaping, lighting installations, or the addition of a patio. However, these enhancements come at an extra cost.

ServiceCost (AED)
Garden Maintenance (Basic)250 – 1,000 per month
Garden Design and LandscapingStarting at 3,000
Garden Design and LandscapingApproximately 3,600 per year

Pest Control:

Every villa requires regular pest control treatment, and the cost may vary depending on the property’s size. If your villa includes a garden, you should consider pest control treatments for ants and termites. In some extreme cases, Dubai residents have even had to call pest control services to handle snakes, a situation you’d surely want to avoid.

ExpenseFrequencyCost (AED)
Pest Control (3BR villa)One-time (Booking)Approximately 400
Pest Control WarrantyThree monthsIncluded


As your property size increases, so does the time required for cleaning. Therefore, when you move to a villa, you can expect your monthly cleaning service costs to be higher compared to an apartment. Additionally, villa living introduces new cleaning expenses that you didn’t encounter in an apartment.

ExpenseFrequencyCost (AED)
AC Unit CleaningEvery 6 months800 per unit
Annual AC Cleaning (3BR villa)Annually6,400

For instance, you’ll need to have your water tank cleaned at least once a year, which typically costs around AED 500.

Villa insurance cost:

The villa renovation cost of contents insurance is unlikely to increase when moving from an apartment to a villa. Insurance companies determine home contents insurance premiums based on the total value of your belongings, including furniture, electronics, and other insurable items. Therefore, if the value of your belongings remains the same, your home insurance cost will remain consistent.

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If you already have home insurance, simply inform your insurance company of your new address. However, if you don’t have home insurance, it’s advisable to consider safeguarding your belongings. It’s worth noting that you can obtain home insurance for as little as AED 200.


Your initial expense will be for moving services, and choosing reputable and experienced movers and packers in Dubai can ensure a smoother transition for your family. The cost of your move depends on the size of your property and the amount of belongings you have.

Property SizeApproximate Cost
3BR Apartment to 3BR VillaAED 3,500 to AED 4,000
Handyman ServicesAED 250 for 3-4 hours

Real Estate Agent Cost:

It’s important to allocate a budget for new items such as furniture and curtains, which are necessary for the larger living space of a villa. Additionally, there are some one-time expenses to consider, including a 1% commission to the real estate agent who assisted you in locating the villa renovation cost. You should also account for expenses related to personalizing your new home, such as painting services.


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